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Four years ago I went on my first date with Mr. Collier

13 December 2012

Our First Date

Mr. Collier once made me a journal of our first dating year together. In honor of our four years together I thought it would be most appropriate to share an excerpt from our story. In his words.

The Day I Met Sally 
(Chapter 1)

     It was a blustery December day, and I was on my way to Park City, Kentucky.  For those of you who don't know anything about Park City, it is the cite of the world's largest cave system, Mammoth Caves.  I had been planning my trip to the caves for several weeks now, and it was on this fateful day that all of my planning was about to unfold.  I was meeting a friend at the caves and we were planning on touring the "New Entrance." I was excited to go caving.

   I consider myself to be an outdoorsy and adventurous guy, so descending 200 plus feet into a cave was something right up my alley.  To add to my excitement my friend was ... more than a friend, or at least I wanted her to be.  The caving trip that I had planned was to be our first date.
    An hour and half after leaving Nashville I finally arrived at the caves, 45 minutes early.  Needless to say I was really excited.  I had planned to arrive around 15 minutes early to get the general lay of the land, but arriving so early allowed me to explore much of the surrounding area.  The first thing I had to do upon arriving was to rush to the ticket office and pick up our tour tickets for the tour that afternoon.  I wanted to be sure that when she arrived that everything I had planned was going to work out.  You know it's really important to make a good impression on a first date.  Upon receiving the tickets I double checked the time and noted where we were supposed to meet to go on the tour.  With everything in place all I had to do now was to contain my excitement and await her arrival.  

     I had met my friend once, about 10 months, before and we had recently reconnected around Thanksgiving.  To this day I don't know how or why we reconnected, but we did.  I didn't know what to expect.  It was then, as I was patiently waiting, that i realized that I had no cell phone service.  So i couldn't call to see if she was still coming or to see if she was lost.  I just had to wait it out and see if she showed.  It was then that i also realized that i had no idea what vehicle this girl drove. So my eyes were glued to every car that pulled into the parking lot, not that there were many, anxiously awaiting her arrival.     After ten or so minutes of waiting I decided to venture back to my vehicle and see if i got better, if any, cell phone service.  On the way to my truck i hear a voice calling my name. She had arrived.  I could barely contain my excitement as I went over to greet her I could feel a huge smile creep up my face.  As I approached her car i could see her hair blowing in the breeze and her pink scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. She was adorable and I was smitten.

    The overall plan for the day was split into two parts.  The first part was the cave tour.  This was my contribution to the date.  I spent weeks planning out every last little detail of our first adventure.  The second part of the date was her contribution to the adventure.  She had packed a picnic lunch full of goodies. As I got closer to her car I began to think about where we were going to have our picnic.  Being at a state park meant there were lots of picnic table available, but being in the middle of December meant there were a lot of empty picnic tables around.  Once i got to her car, we exchanged greetings and within a matter of minutes she had already formulated a plan of where we could eat lunch.  She suggested that we picnic in her car. Now she had a lovely car.  To be specific it was a 2004 Honda Accord.  It was very spacious inside and actually doubles as a great picnic table.  As we ate lunch in her car, I was informed that her car was very special.  Other than having a great owner who loved her, she was blessed with having a name.  Her name was Sally.  

     Lunch was wonderful.  I couldn't have imagined it going any better.  Once we got done eating we sat in her car and talked awhile, before we went and explored the welcome center.  The time for our tour was vast approaching and I was getting excited.  The announcement for our tour was made over the intercom and we headed our toward the buses to meet our cave guides and the rest of our tour group. Through out the tour I had been snapping photos left and right.  Trying to capture the memories of our first date.  I tried taking several pictures of us throughout the cave but i always managed to cut one of our heads out.  It wasn't until we reached the revolving door at the end of the cave, yes there was a revolving metal door with frosted glass panels at the end of the cave, that we decided to have someone else take our picture.  Of course we posed in front of the metal door. This was the best date that I had ever had in my short 22 years of life.  Then again maybe it was just the girl.  

    Little did I know but this was just the start of something huge, something that the world had never seen.  Little did I know that the day that I met Sally would change my life forever because it was day that I started falling for Sarah.

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