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Easy, Sticky Monkey Bread Recipe

17 December 2012

I had two events to prepare a snack/dessert for and I need it to happen fast with minimal cleanup! Fortunately, monkey bread qualifies for both! After some searching I realized that I didn't have to make the dough, although you can make it from scratch, I didn't. Remember, I was in a hurry. I bought three canisters of biscuit dough for each monkey bread from the store for around $1.50 a piece.

I preheated the oven to 350 degrees F while I cut the biscuit into quarters and eighths. Next, I combined 1 cup of white granulated sugar and some cinnamon in a gallon sized Ziploc bag until I achieved the "sand" color. Although sticking together, I threw the dough into the cinnamon sugar mixture, sealed and shook. This would be an ideal job for kids! Prepare your pan of choice either a loaf or Bundt cake pan with butter or cooking spray. Grease that sucker up good!

After shakin' it up, I placed the sugar-cinnamon dough lovelies into the greased loaf pan. I also melted two sticks of real butter (unsalted) in the microwave and added 3/4 to a cup of packed brown sugar. Mix well and pour all over the dough in the pan. It seriously looks like a hot mess but trust me, it is divine.

Out of concern for spillage, I placed a cookie sheet (with a rim) down first in the oven under the loaf pan shown above. Apparently, I am psychic because overflowing actually occurred. Cook for 35 minutes until the top takes on a brown crusty appearance. I wish I had taken more "after" pictures. Allow the monkey bread to cool for 15 minutes until just warm. Select your presentation dish and in one swift motion flip the monkey bread onto the plate. I recommend to place the dish of interest on top of your loaf pan then invert as a unit. A few taps should knock the bread loose. Just try to cook this for someone else and not feel an ounce of jealousy!

One of the monkey breads got rave reviews and the other I actually had an opportunity to sample after wrestling some away from our youth Sunday school class at church. In aggreement with the youth, it would oh-so good! 

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