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365 Days to a Better Me: Week 11

14 December 2012

Here we are, eleven weeks into this diet/overall healthy eat behavior project. I probably haven't been as strict as I should be but I have lost an additional two pounds since I posted on this topic last. And that was living through Thanksgiving! On top of it I have not been working out at all. Sure some stretches here and there but nothing like I used to. Reflecting back that means that I am just five pounds of my wedding weight which was about a year ago. Five pounds don't seem so hard, right?  

My game plan to stick to for the holidays is eat only what I am hungry for and eat in small amounts because you can always go back for more. I plan to fill up first on vegetables and drink a lot of water. I find drinking a lot of water hard to do. Do you? I guess from working in the lab with drinks not readily accessible at all times combined with being busy for 8-10 hours of the day (minus lunch) hydration gets neglected. 

I've asked for a few fitness DVD's from Santa and I have been hoping this will motivate me to workout at home. It would be nice to get up each morning and get my fitness on in the comfort of my own home which is warm and not have to pack a bag and do the hassle of the gym. Oh what evidence of how sedentary our lives have become!    

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