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Daylight Savings Time Rocks & Awesome Salmon Recipe!!!

05 November 2012

I have never loved Daylight Savings as much as I do right now. Yesterday I was able to get a nap in during my one extra hour for the day! I found myself going to be early last night because 8 o'clock DST was actually 9 o'clock the previous day and Mr. Collier and I were able to sneak in a jog around the block last night to train for our 5K in January. Have you ever noticed how extra sleep really puts some fuel in your boosters? Well, during our run I popped dinner in the oven (more on that in a minute) and by the time we came back it was almost ready to eat! Talk about set it and forget it. 

More on dinner. Well, Kroger had a special on salmon fillets, which I absolutely love. My Saturday was jam-packed so Mr. Collier was in charge of the grocery shopping for this month. Go Mr. Collier, Go!
If you couldn't guess, we had salmon for dinner last night. In fact, I am going to consider this a Pinbuster post because I found a very simple and tasty way to prepare salmon fillets. Here is the original source.  

The components include aluminum foil, the fish fillets, butter, a lemon and salt and pepper. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Cut/Tear a piece of foil such that you can create a pocket or boat sort of vessel around the salmon. Slice the lemon to create a base for the fish to rest upon instead of just the foil. Place the salmon skin side down onto the "lemon bed" with the pink side up. Sprinkle your desired amount of salt and pepper. I actually added a touch of rosemary for additional flavor. Then cut a square or two of butter depending on the size of your salmon fillet, and place it on top of the seasoned fish. That's it! Close the foil boat to prevent leaking. At this point I realized two things. 1) I could cook some potatoes as sides at the same time (hence the little round orbs in the photo below) and 2) The baking sheet that I placed the fish on, as shown in the photo, could have gotten me into trouble if the boat decided to leak salmon juice or butter. I ended up switching to a baking sheet that has a lip around it to catch any potential dripping. Allow the salmon to cook for 25 minutes and any extra time depending on how rare you prefer it. 

Ours turned out beautifully. I paired the fish with a mini-baked potato and a spinach salad with our own tomatoes! That's right, we're farmers. Sort of. 

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