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Pinbuster: My house smells great!

26 October 2012

The weather here in Nashville has been flipping between nearly summer and almost winter so the Collier house has taken on a funky sort of smell. I found a remedy for the smell that promises flavors akin to the signature fragrance of a Williams-Sonoma store on Pinterest. It is an incredibly easy, "set it and forget it" all natural approach. The ingredients are one lemon, water, a pot for boiling, a tsp of vanilla and a few branches of rosemary.

Slice the lemon and place all of the ingredients into the water. Bring to a boil for 30 minutes and allow the smells to diffuse throughout the house. I kept the pot on the stove for 24 hours but the absolutely maximum to keep the stuff around is 48. Apparently, it begins to get funky as the sugars ferment which in essence defeats the purpose.    

The house smelled great, just as the recipe promised. I would highly recommend varying the flavors such as nutmeg and apple slices for a fall smell. Maybe some Chai spices for Christmas? See what you can come up with! 

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