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Help! I've got a cold!

02 October 2012

Hot Toddy!
I'm sitting on the couch home from work with a cold. I've always had horrible allergies and they often 
transition into sinus infections or colds into the fall. So here we are. Tea and medication has always been my go-to home remedy but I found a Pinterest post on home remedies and thought it was in line with my Pinbuster idea. One of the seven ideas included lemon, honey, an ounce of whiskey and hot tea. Also know as a hot toddy. Being a Kentucky fan, I substituted bourbon for whiskey in the recipe. Using a tip I learned from Rachel Ray, I extracted the lemon juice, added a tablespoon of raw creamed honey and added a green tea bag. One minute later in the microwave, my warm throat-soothing concoction was ready! 

Results: I've tried several remedies to make my throat feel better including gargling with warm salt water and antiseptic spray. I can honestly report that after a few sips my throat feels is less dry feeling and now it doesn't hurt to swallow. This totally works!! 

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