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Happy Halloween! Shall we begin?

31 October 2012

Happy Halloween! Halloween Treats

There are several things I'd like to share with you today. The first is this awesome cupcake decoration idea seen above that I found on Pinterest. I know many of you out there have seen awesome decorating ideas such as the infamous "Cookie Monster Cupcake Fail" see below but this one is no joke. Consider it Pinbusted!!

Cookie Monster Cupcake Fail

Not only are the cupcake owls super cute, frankly I can stop laughing every time I look at them, but they can be decorated in ways that are bigger than Halloween. Think of a Harry Potter themed party. White owls with a touch of grey could be used instead. Here's how I made the cupcake owls. 

Start with a simple box of cake mix or make your own homemade chocolate cupcakes from scratch. Big Red, the name of my blender did a wonder on the batter making it super light and fluffy. Bake the cupcakes as instructed on the box. You could definitely experiment with flavors aside from chocolate but the dark color of the cake allows for focus on the decorations.

 I would recommend baking flatter cupcakes that just fill to the brim of the cupcake holder. I had very "tall" cupcakes after they were done and it would be more uniform if they were flatter. Allow the cupcakes to cool so that the frosting doesn't melt (one large problem in the Cookie Monster Fail). In the meantime take 1 box of Reese's Pieces (around $1 at Walgreen's) and separate them by color. Browns and Oranges to keep and yellows for you to eat on the job. Additionally, take a package of Oreo's or some other cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookie and separate cookies into the "cream side" and the "not cream side." Crush the "not cream side" up for cookies and cream ice cream! The "cream side" will become the eyes. Place one brown Reese's Pieces onto each "cream side" cookie. Set aside.

Frost your cupcakes with chocolate frosting. For ease, I went with store bought. Once frosted, gently place two cookie eyes on your cupcake so the Reese's Pieces are near the middle of the cupcake but leaving a little room. This is where it becomes important for the cupcake tops to be flatter. Then, place one orange Reese's Pieces vertically to create the beak/nose. And voila! You have really awesome owl cupcakes!  

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