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Enid Collin's Box Bag, a Thrift Store Treasure!

26 October 2012

Talk about some awesome vintage discovery! I was shopping for the final pieces of my 2012 Halloween costume at the local Goodwill and stumbled upon this fantastic little box. I loved the color and couldn't figure out what a Box Bag might be for. The shape is like an over-sized recipe box but in the lid there is a mirror and there is a plastic handle. There were remnants of where jewels had been stuck all over the design. For a small investment I took it home with me and began to research. 

Turns out there was a lady named Enid who in the 1960's started a trend of making handmade purses such as this out of wood as well as canvas/cloth. Apparently she started selling in her local hometown of Medina, Texas and it escalated from there. I mean, how could it not? The designs are fun and funky making each piece a conversation starter. Over the years she developed many designs and often had signed pieces personally which collectors eat up! This particular piece is likely from the late 60's or 70's which features the sun logo instead of the dancing horse logo. It was also at this time that I learn Enid had sold her company.   

This Cable Car piece has currently been listed on ebay. 
Has been sold. 

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