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Chili and Bird Surgery

29 October 2012

Fallin' for Nashville
It couldn't feel more like fall right now in Nashville. Temperatures have plummeted into the 40's and 50's as the afternoon high. I know, disgusting! Hence, the chili. It is a fun pun. We are chilly so the Colliers had chili for dinner. I love a quick chili. I diced red onion and heated them in the bottom of a stock pot. I added a can of Kroger tomato sauce, one can of chili beans (hot) and one can of red beans. Mix them all together and simmer for 20 minutes or less! We prefer to top the chili with either sour cream or shredded cheese but crumbled corn bread is also delicious. 

You must be scratching your head about the bird surgery part. Well, I have had fantastic luck at my local Goodwill lately. This morning, I discovered this great little ceramic bird. It is very Anthropologie and vintage but had Scotch tape holding it together in three large pieces. For only $0.50 I couldn't turn the offer down. In comes the bird surgery. Besides, I imagined that it would fit perfectly with the mantle design I have been constructing. More on that later! 

A little bird told me...

A little craft glue fixed the little bird right up! And it found a perch on our classic pile of books decorating our mantle space. I'm trying to achieve a rustic or antique look by incorporating worn classic novels, medical books and hand-me-downs from my family in Memphis. 

Finishing touches on the mantle

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