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An Original Renato de Arauj piece of art, a Thrift Store Treasure!

27 October 2012

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I stopped by the local Goodwill to finalize my Halloween costume and stumbled upon this awesome piece of art. It looked incredibly unique and had a signature by the artist so I made the $2 purchase and took it home with me. Similar to the Enid Collin's Box Bag, I learned a little about this work entitled "Papagaio" which means parrot in Portuguese. That already becomes handy because my sister-in-law is actually from Brazil and speaks fluent Portuguese! Not that I could have an entire conversation about parrots or anything but I enjoy learning about her culture. Pieces such as this don't appear to often on the Internet from what I can tell. Only 3 of them have appeared on ebay recently from the New York area. I love to sit and ponder how this piece of art ended up in my hands. Did someone know Renato de Arauj personally? Did someone venture to Brazil often and picked this up as a souvenir? Was it a couple on their honeymoon? Is this a famous artist in Brazil? How many were made since the one I have clearly appears handmade?  

I was bummed that I was unable to learn more about the artist and his history but the piece is beautiful and if it ends up in our home, well fine with me!   

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