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A trip to Louisville and Mr. Collier's Doppelgänger

24 October 2012

HIMYIM doppelgängers
A doppelgänger is your "look alike" literally a walking copy of yourself. If you are a fan of "How I Met Your Mother" like we are, we know that finding a doppelgänger is no easy task. Some people have the privilege of having a celebrity doppelgänger making it much easier to find. Sometimes they can be interpreted as signs from the universe, as in HIMYIM but recently on a trip to Louisville to visit a lifelong friend we found Mr. Collier's doppelgänger! I know! 

Mr. Collier's Doppelgänger
I swear as we walked around Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, I saw Mr. Collier's doppelgänger and I, his wife, had to do a double take! The challenge was to get a good photo to document such a momentous event. That took a clever move on my part and the fantastic photographer, Stevie. I had her take pictures of me trying on quirky glasses and despite numerous pictures the dude wouldn't turn around. Improv sneezing seriously does the trick! It was such an exciting discovery and it only took a 3 hour drive to find him! Now, we just have to wait to find mine!

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