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365 days to a better Me: Week 3 and Week 4 combined update

11 October 2012

So last week I was sick, really sick. And had to cancel all of my barre and other fitness activities while I sat on the couch drinking hot toddies. What's funny is that despite not working out I still maintained the three pounds that I lost during week 2. And that was with a lot of honey and snacking while at home. 

Now it is week 4. I am back to 96% healthy and going back to BarreAmped tonight. I still cough from time to time but overall I feel pretty good. This past weekend I put on some of my old jeans that were tight and uncomfortable and the loss of now five pounds really has made a difference! Success!

What I hope to accomplish this upcoming week is to integrate more fitness into my routine and cook a whole chicken (wait for that upcoming post)! I aim to keep these five pounds off and maybe bring it down another one or two pounds. That would bring me to the weight I was after our mission trip

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