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Zoo Run Run

09 September 2012

In efforts to continue pushing towards my goal of all around better health, Mr. Collier and I decided to begin training for the Nashville Zoo "Zoo Run Run" in January. This is a true 5K and so I am going to model my workouts after the couch to 5K program where small increments of walking and jogging allow you to build endurance over time. The run takes place at nearly the end of January so I'll be training for approximately for 4 months. I will keep you updated on my progress along the way, of course! As a complement to my running, I am also going to be incorporating yoga and dance classes as my cross training activities.

I must be honest, I am not a runner. In fact, running is the last thing on the planet that I would want to be doing. But I am passionate about my health and taking care of my body. And who doesn't love a challenge or opportunity to push myself. Now, all I need to do is lace up my shoes and load my MP3 player with some tunes!

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