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Gourmet Pancake Dinner

06 September 2012

Pancakes for dinner is always a favorite for us here in the Collier house.They are easy to prepare/clean up and make a great vehicle for our organic Vermont maple syrup. But as I sit here watching Chopped, always inspiring, I wonder how I can tweak pancakes to make them that much more appealing? Using a generic pancake complete mix, I've generated several unique and absolutely delicious versions of the standard pancake. Each recipe contains 2 scoops of complete pancake mix, special flavor-specific ingredients and water mixed together to your preferred consistency. We used our Emeril Griddle to cook these bad boys up and found that warming in a low temp (170 degrees) before serving to be optimal. Enjoy!

1. Chocolate Pancakes- The dessert pancake. I realize you end a meal with dessert and so for our pancake dinner feast I mixed up a chocolate pancake mix. I combined Kroger ice cream fudge topping with chocolate sprinkles to taste. They came out savory and not too sweet (which was a surprise!).

2. Maple Bacon Pancakes-For the cowgirls. For me, the flavors of carbohydrates, bacon and maple syrup blend in a harmonious way on my palate. The bacon was cooked in small pieces to ensure a crispy texture was achieved. Ribbons of maple syrup were also added to the mixture bringing out a great flavor in combination with the bacon. Recommended both hot and cold.

3. Bacon Ranch Pancakes-Wait a sec?! That is right. I took a packet of ranch salad dressing mix and incorporated that with a handful or so of bacon into the batter. It sounds gross but I even added some pre-made ranch dressing to amp up the ranch flavor. I would not recommend adding maple syrup to these babies. The consensus of diners indulging in my creation actually was favorable. You couldn't eat too many but the flavors were excellent.

4. Cheddar Jalapeno Pancakes-Artery clogger! This was by far the most difficult pancake mix to cook but without a doubt the most addicting to eat. Not only was there an abundance of liquid you can imagine the Velveeta re-melting once the mix hit the griddle. You may have to add more pancake mix or flour as we did. Diced jalapenos and of course the juice were mixed in as well. They provided excellent "pops" of flavor. I would also not recommend mixing maple syrup into this mixture.

5. Fresh berry pancakes-A standard "safe" choice. I made a quick fruit compote of blueberries and strawberries (added a bit of granulated sugar and heated in the microwave). I made sure to also pressure when stirring to break open the berries. These pancakes were most appealing to the eye as they turned blue from the fruit! Fantastic with syrup.

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