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A one-week update on 365 goal

13 September 2012

Hello friends. It has been one week since I posted about my goal to be a better me in 365 days. Well I can happily report that I've taken my daily multivitamin all week, worked out more than once and dressed up for work the majority of the week! Go me!

I feel that in times of new beginnings it is important to praise yourself for your accomplishments. I've even lost the two pounds that I have vowed to shed per week! Thanks to the barre method I've grown a little bit stronger. I noticed in my class last night I felt stronger and was more confident to try the movements that have plagued me with muscle quivers in the past. I followed along the three full sets of 8-count planks. Special thanks to Lori, the instructor for counting slow even though during the class I want to yell at her to move faster because in all honesty, it kills when it is happening. She instructs with some tough love but really pushes me to be my best and give a "few more inches higher/lower" or contract for another 8-count hold. My groupon is now officially over so I broke down and purchased another five classes to sustain myself!

I cannot accurately expression how excited that I am to report back next week! This week I aim to continue working out (there are a series of dance classes on Sunday at the student recreation center that I am going to participate in) and do a bit of a better job monitoring my sugar intake.       

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  1. I seriously love this! You have no idea how encouraging it is for me to read this as an instructor. You have definitely become stronger (even though I know the class doesn't really get easier! :-P) I so look forward to seeing you again soon!