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Stock up on School Supplies. 'Tis the season!

16 August 2012

Labor day weekend is my favorite time of year for many reasons. It signals the return of Fall, by far my favorite wardrobe. It brings back flavors of pumpkin and deep cinnamon. But it also means back to school merchandise sales! Free pens, paper and folders among other college preparation items. 

I learned about this most secret time of year during my undergraduate education which did not begin until after Labor day so I was able to reap all of the sales since most of my colleagues were back in school by Labor Day. Not me! Sure it might take some scouring but Walmart and Target superstores are where you need to be searching. Sunday papers over the next few weeks should have some great deals since companies are aware stores have over-purchased in preparation for college and the beginning of schools. Print coupons (as many as you can) from the Target website. Enlist friends to print pen and any related school supply coupons as well as the essential toothpaste, deodorant and basic cleaning supplies. All of these should begin to appear on the clearance racks and can be purchased for practically free. Even if you personally don't need all of these supplies I'm sure local churches and youth organizations would be more than happy to accept a donation or two. Even some Starbucks partner with schools which seek out donations for kids. As I've said before, doing good for others has been shown to relieve stress and promote happiness within the giver. 

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