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Our Mission Trip Day 7

15 August 2012

courtesy of A. Roebuck
Today was our last full day in the Dominican Republic and for a treat, Richard planned for us to go to the beach after a long week of work. We awoke, had our breakfast and were back on the air conditioned bus by 8 a.m. It was actually quite funny to watch all of us get cold in the air conditioning that we have lived thus far without. We watched ICE AGE 2 in Spanish on the way to the day resort which took around two hours. The resort was all inclusive. All in all we really just enjoyed being in the salt water sea and playing volleyball together. We had formed quite the family in our D.R. group! We think about each other, pray and play together, look out for each other and tuck one another's mosquito nets in at night. I am going to really miss this group when we get back to the States. Anna, Luke and Karly all went on a diving trip together returning only minutes before we were scheduled to return to camp. We got back on the bus and began to assess the sunburn damage. Many of us, including myself, got pretty burnt by the hot sun despite using sunscreen. We arrived back to camp and had our final thoughts by Larry D. and a testimony read by Dr. Dunn. Games were played into the night as we spent our remaining hours together.

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