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Our Mission Trip Day 6

14 August 2012

The Medical Team

This morning was the last morning of the clinics and so there was an overwhelming response from the community. Again, patients were lining the streets when the medical teams arrived to set up around 8:30 a.m. demonstrating a clear need in this community. As soon as the church doors opened (our waiting area), all the seats were filled and people were standing in the aisles as well as outside of the building in the hot sun. The VBS team provided support in the triage stations, administration and even the pharmacy as they needed "all hands on deck." We were able to see more children and adults as Dr. Julio was able to come as well as Morgan H. and Sharon D. also seeing patients in Dr. Dunn's room. More than 48 patients were seen in the morning by each clinic. Today was unique, however, because it was our last. Therefore we could only take as many patients as we were able and some were unable to seek medical help. I worked in the triage area taking patients for the afternoon and saw the faces of the adults and children, especially seeking the eye clinic, that we couldn't fit in. At noon, 40 more patients were scheduled for the afternoon making the day entirely booked solid. Again, none of our work could have been accomplished without the interpreters.

The Construction Team

While the clinic was in full swing, the construction team was finishing the stage in the church. They mixed wheel barrels full of concrete ingredients right there on the stage in one massive pile among all the people waiting for the clinic. Let me tell you though, it looks beautiful! They also completed another two sidewalks in front of the water treatment facility and on the other side of the school wall. Screen doors were also completed by Calvin and Mike for Arhennis' and Richard's homes.

The VBS Team

After lunch, the VBS and medical teams felt that the afternoon clinic was pretty much under control so we decided to hold a final VBS today. Our bible story of the day was Christ's crucifixion and the story of our salvation. We began our day with the parachute! Oh how they loved whipping the fabric up and down. Some of the children hid underneath, giggling the whole time. We added wiffle balls and a beach ball to the mix, which they also enjoyed. We sat together on the grass in the shade of the big center tree and Lea Ann told us the story with the help of Camilla, our interpreter. The kids listened intently and filled in parts of the story or answered her questions. After the story we then did our crafts. Over the course of the week we realized how much the children in Juan Tomas love to color. We had coloring sheets pertaining to each story and tons of crayons. We set them up in the cafeteria picnic tables and off they go. They could honestly color for hours. We provided a snack of goldfish which was really enjoyed by all. After two coloring sheets we decided to do a bracelet craft. We brought beads and the plastic string. Bowls of beads were set out and fingers were digging in them before we knew it! After an hour or so of crafting, we cleaned up and played games. Katie C. led them in Jump the Creek, which they were pretty good at, and freeze tag that turned into a game of running around and squealing on the basketball court. We finished the games with Pato, Pato, Gonzo (Duck, Duck, Goose). VBS success!

The End of the Day

After dinner we had our own worship service in the cafeteria. Luke and Andrew led us in song while Larry D. gave us another inspiring thought about hope. We ended our final working night in the D.R. playing games and having intermittent showers in the ladies' dorm.

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