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Our Mission Trip Day 5

13 August 2012

courtesy of A. Roebuck

We had such an overwhelming response at the clinic today! People began to line up around 7:30 a.m. even though we were not poised to begin seeing patients until 9 a.m. At least one hundred people waited in the courtyard and street leading up to the church to be seen by Dr. Dunn for adults, Miss Bobby for glasses, Kylynn for the children, and Andrea for gynecological treatment.

The day began early as the entire church filled up with patients. We averaged around 30 patients per doctor in the morning and 40 in the afternoon. It was constantly busy and there were people everywhere. There was a clear need for antibiotics, parasite medication and vitamins. The list for Thursday filled up very quickly without surprise. "Sheriff" Larry served the entire day as the gatekeeper to prevent people from sneaking back to the doctors out of turn. Bless the construction team who continued to work on the stage at the church filled with people waiting to see the doctor. Others put wooden doors on all of the bathrooms in the dorms for added privacy to replace the shower curtains that previously hung. They look great!!!

My favorite time of day is right before dinner here in Juan Tomas. It is the time when the medical team returns, VBS has ended, and dinner is being prepared. All of us gather on what we now call "the front porch" to tell stories and enjoy fellowship with one another. Not only is this in the shade but it is placed in such a way that a breeze is constantly passing through. A huge tree with tiny berries, similar to the size of a blueberry but harder, sends surprises from above in case you are napping. There is nothing really special about this place but we have made it special. In fact, as I'm writing this Jon, Calvin, Andy, Ron and Charlie are sitting on the porch.

Dinner was running late so we only had about 15 minutes to eat before the Wednesday night church service. Jon preached a great message about sin and renewing hope. All I have to say is thank the Lord for the translators! Without them we would not be able to participate, understand or communicate with many of the Dominicans. They really made our trip happen. After church we walked home in the light of flashlights and found an interesting surprise, well two really. First, the tarantula was waiting for us on our way to the cafeteria where we typically socialize in the evenings. It was absolutely disgusting and beyond creepy. The men have been describing tarantulas in their dorm but as soon as they saw this guy, they said theirs were much smaller! The second surprise was cake and ice cream waiting for us after church in appreciation for our efforts all week! We have not had much dessert or sweets beyond Gatorade (and VBS candy) so it was over the top awesome to have treats again! We stayed up until at least 11 talking and playing with the kids.

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