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Our Mission Trip Day 4

13 August 2012

Courtesy of A. Roebuck
Today, the medical team worked off-site in a local village providing medicine and treatment to the area. They left immediately after breakfast and returned just as the rest of us were finishing lunch. The need of the community, based upon their description, was much greater in that rural community which had increased frequency of infection. Practically everyone coming through the clinic is treated for parasites and anemia due to poor water treatment and nutrition. I was surprised to discover that they have never had a clinic like we have provided. It is such a need that starting from the first clinic day on Monday, we already have a list of the children, adult and eye patients for when the clinic returns to Juan Tomas tomorrow. 

In the morning, the construction team began to work on the new stage at the church. This year, the Fountain of Life school will have its largest graduating class to date and the hope has been to have all the graduates up on the stage together in October for the ceremony. The stage that we are replacing was wooden and full of termites. The construction team tore down the old stage and began to prepare the space for a permanent one made of concrete. Hours upon hours the team has worked setting block, cutting block, shoveling caliche (gravel made out of coral) to fill the inside, and mixing concrete. They all have the backaches and the blisters on their hands to prove it. Some of the VBS ladies started painting the doors and the walls of the high school where we have previously held clinic since they were away for the day. The school looks so different with a fresh coat of paint. The construction team worked until dinner time and returned to finish after dinner until about 10:30 p.m. EST so that the walls would be set and ready for the slab of concrete to poured tomorrow. It is neat to think of all the marks we have made on the Fountain of Life school and the community in Juan Tomas.

Since we have no obligations in the clinic, we were amped to have our second day of VBS. We had planned an elaborate craft project and had the story ready. Well, as soon as a few kids arrived, BOOM! CLAP!!! Buckets of water fell from the sky. It has rained a little bit everyday (similar to what you might expect in Florida) but today was different. We ran as fast as we could with crayons, coloring sheets, candy and our parachute into the cafeteria with the 5 or 6 kids. Several kids arrived later but they just played in the rain. We still were able to tell the story of Lazaro (Lazarus) and the miracle Jesus performed. And what else could you do on a rainy day but color and build a fort. We sang the childrens' favorite songs underneath one of the picnic tables in the cafeteria covered with the parachute. Later we found several children under a table after dinner ready to sing again.

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