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Our Mission Trip Day 3

12 August 2012

Courtesy of A. Roebuck

By 9 a.m. when the medical team left the camp to head to the church campus there was already a large group of people waiting to see Dr. Dunn and Dr. Julio, a local doctor. The church space was utilized as the triage and reception area where Sharon D. and Sarah Clifton checked vitals and began paperwork while two classrooms functioned as examination rooms. Other classrooms were designated as waiting rooms, eyeglass fitting rooms and the pharmacy. The medical team was so overwhelmed with patients that not everyone that showed up were able to see a doctor today. Fortunately, the clinic is running Monday through Thursday making it possible to get in as many patients as possible. Praise God for providing us a means to attend to the needs of this community! Several VBS team members were recruited to help direct nearly 200-300 people around the church and high school campuses under the management of LeEllen and her awesome organizing skills. Miss Bobby and the eye team were also on site checking vision and sending them to Anna/Jana for eyeglasses. Everyone who came through the eye clinic were fitted and left with a new pair of glasses! Praise the Lord! Kylynn and Andrea served as nurses in the pediatric examination room treating all cases from general tummy aches to parasite infections. Morgan and Dr. Dunn treated adults next door to the pediatic treatment room. Not only physical health was assessed. During the course of the day around 20 people were saved, asking Jesus into their hearts. Markus and Laura ran the pharmacy and almost half of the medications that we brought with us were taken by the end of the day. Without a doubt, today would not have been possible without the translators to help communicate with the people in Juan Tomas. Tomorrow, the clinic is going to a local village offsite to treat more people in the community. Wednesday morning and afternoon have already been booked for the clinic returns to the church site.

Courtesy of A. Roebuck

As soon as we arrived on Saturday, the construction team began assessing the maintenance needs of the camp. Painting, concrete work and building projects were developed and were started today. The first project was to extend the sidewalk outside of the camp. Scott, Jon, Andy, Larry, Mike, Doug, Austin, Charlie, Rob, Nate, Luke and Steve worked together to make this possible. The VBS team joined in with some new D.R. friends to update the painting on the school buildings. The construction team also tore out the old wooden stage at the church and started laying blocks for the new concrete one.

Courtesy of A. Roebuck

We finished our day worn out but proud after all of the people we talked to, the projects we completed and all of the people we prayed with. Each night we will be gathering in the church to have a small moment of worship to end our day. A spiritual renewal so to speak. Luke and Andy led us in song. Even some of our new D.R. friends celebrated with us. We spent the rest of the evening playing a game of "couch." In case you are curious, the men won.

We are thinking and praying for all of you back home and want you to know how much we love you!

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