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Our Mission Trip Day 2

11 August 2012

School Mural courtesy of A. Roebuck
We woke up this morning to the sound of a normal crowing rooster and one that crows like,"Ca-caw" with the rising sun. We have had no problems waking up in the morning between the animals, the cold showers (always refreshing) and the strong (yet delicious) coffee each morning! We had banana bread and watermelon for breakfast before attending church. We have a daily devotional in the morning and testimony read by Dr. Dunn as part of our own worship as a team. The themes we are focusing on are hope and "look for God." At church, there were more of us than parishoners at the church but we were glad to join them in worship. It is funny because worship structure is the same so we felt right at home (with a translator). Similar to back home we stayed and visited with everyone after the service was over.

Learning from each other courtesy of A. Roebuck

We walked back from church, changed right quick and then started sorting through our supply trunks. The medical team (Morgan, Kylynn, Andrea, Sarah Clifton, Dr. Dunn and Sharon D.) assembled and some began to practice taking blood pressure readings. The eye team (Jana, Anna, Miss Bobby) sorted glasses into bags based upon strength. The pharmacy team and friends led by Laura and Markus began sorting pills. The vacation bible school team (VBS) began to prepare the crafts for the week. Even the construction men were helping prepare for VBS, with a little motivation. Today was a very long and humid day. Sticky does not even begin to describe it! 
End of the day courtesy of A. Roebuck
We had the most wonderful lunch of fried plantains, ground beef, cooked vegetables and macaroni and cheese. In the D.R., they eat their big meal in the afternoon before siesta. It was hard not to go back for second portions. No matter what, trust God! What truth! This afternoon, the water pump for all of the sinks and toilets stopped working! Forntuately, most of us had showered and after working all afternoon, a smaller pump replaced the broken one. We spent the majority of the day working and playing card games until the second church service of the day. The message focused on witnessing to non-believers which was appropriate considering the work that we would do in the upcoming week.

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