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Our Mission Trip Concluding Thoughts

15 August 2012

As I sit here reflecting on my first mission trip several thoughts come to mind. 
  1. When God says,"Go," you go. Before this mission opportunity presented itself I had been considering going on a mission trip. I would mention it to Mr. Collier frequently. I can't exactly explain it. It was equivalent to an "inner tugging" on my heart and an intense yearning to have this experience. For me it was challenging to break out of my element, not being sure how I could become involved and being immersed in a foreign country and culture. Looking back, I'm so glad that I did though!  
  2. Everyone has a gift. Our church is currently undergoing a redefining phase where we are examining what it means to be a church. Our conclusion has been that the people are the church and they work best when they are utilizing their gifts and talents. As it turns out, everyone has a gift. You may be an accountant, a stay-a-home mom, a truck driver, teacher or even nurse all of which have skills to bring to a mission trip but I found that none of that really matters. There are needs across the world that only a person with your skill-set can address. So what is holding you back?
  3. There is always something to be done. The need for missions is greater than ever both stateside and abroad. Poor and underprivileged are universal terms. I saw that first hand. I was part of the group that walked the dirt roads in the village of Juan Tomas, D.R. Every American youth should walk that walk. The conditions were poor by our standards. There was trash and smells that we wouldn't dare tolerate and yet people have joy. They laugh and enjoy life. It is like the image of the first flower in a field of snow. One of hope. Hope lives in the places that are unseen. And it is fortunate that we can be a part of that hope in other people's lives.
  4. You don't have to leave to serve. So in essence, there is something to be done and we have the power, by God, to move. To Act. Take that risk seriously. God has great plans for you but you don't have to go far to make a difference. For example, at the Fountain of Life Bible School where we stayed and participated in our mission trip you can sponsor a child in their private education for less than $250 a year. Find out more about that ministry or discover another of your own.  

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