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Jello Shots: A Summer Wedding Must-have!

14 August 2012

Courtesy of "Tyler Core Shoots People"
Mr. Collier and I returned from a fantastic picnic themed wedding reception. It was at this party that I discovered the secret to a fantastic summer wedding. Jello shots! An immediate family member took plastic 2 oz. portion cups (can be found at Party City, Costco or even a wholesaler online for around $3.99 for 100 cups with lids) and pored over 1000 cups for the reception. Really the shots could not have been tastier after a long day of posing for pictures, socializing and dancing the night away. They were passed around the night of the rehearsal on the bus and arrived in coolers for the reception. The whole night cups were passed and piled high. In addition to the traditional jello shot he also made pudding shots. Pudding shots you say? That's right. Frothy and sweet with a "Cool Whip" texture; those were equally demolished. Think of all the fun pictures that can be taken!

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