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Creative Reception Decor

15 August 2012

Weddings have been spiraling into a unique and personalized direction. More and more so with each wedding. For us, Mr. Collier and I love to attend weddings where we can look at the entire event and say,"Yes! That was a true representation of ________(fill in the name here). Whether you decide to totally DIY or you just want to have a few sparse elements here are some creative suggestions to get your gears churning.
Make your mark literally
Purchase a stamp with your monogram, signature, MadLibs about you and your groom, or whatever mark you'd like to make to put on the cocktail napkins. Perfect for the hour or so the bride and groom are taking photos post ceremony, these napkins are classy as well as conversation starters. Perhaps have sets that are puzzle pieces so that guests must interact to create an image. Maybe channel your inner child with a half drawn image and the guests are encouraged to complete the drawing. Any way you can engage your guests the better! 

Monochromatic Glassware
Glass pieces are easy to find but they don't always match. So what! Fix it with some paint. Dipping or spraying glass with a unifying color or pouring paint into the containers creates a clean and sophisticated look. Further, if a country chic design is what you might like to achieve you can created faux milk glass with everyday Goodwill/garage sale glass. I've even seen beer bottles sprayed as decor.  

Homemade Beer or Soda

If brewing is your thing, consider the possibility of brewing a huge batch, bottling and serving it at your wedding! Nothing says, "I love you," like a cold one. And this is also a great place where grooms with a brewing passion can get involved in the wedding planning process. If soda is your thing, Jones Soda or a home brewing kit allows you to generate soda with unique labels or flavors for your wedding. This would be especially cool for a kids table. 

Tin Can Herbs

Taking upcycling to the next level, indoor gardens in tin cans make great favors as well as centerpieces. Think cans stacked together to form low level centerpieces for tables. Imagine the floral smell of rosemary or savory basil mixed with lemon as a way to demonstrate your appreciation for your guests.

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