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Bridal Button Bouquet Tutorial

16 August 2012

Button Bouquet by C. Mulder

How To: Button Bouquet

Our friend Katie got married, yay! For her bridal shower, which was buttoned themed, I made the bride and groom a button boutonniere and a button corsage.  For the wedding I was asked to make a button bouquet, which I was secretly nervous about, but it turned out great!  Here is how it happened.

What I used:
-  22 gauge floral stem wire (I used 8 packs of 36)
-  1000s of buttons in all sizes (2 and 4 hole buttons work the best)
-  White ribbon
-  Floral tape
-  Felt, fabric and paper flowers
-  Wire snips

Step One: Making Button Strands

Take a single stand of wire and bend it in half.  Once you pick out the buttons you would like for the stand, thread the wire through at least two of the button holes. Make sure you are going from the smallest to largest button size. If you like what you see, then start twisting the wire together.  Hooray - you’ve made your first one!

Step Two: Making Flower Strands

Take any felt, fabric or paper flowers and apply the same technique as step one.  Make sure you use a large button at the base of these flowers for stability. Repeat steps one and two until you have enough buttons and flowers for your bouquet.

Step Three: Assembly Part One

Take a few smaller bunches of your buttons and flowers and arrange them until you like how it looks. Holding the bunch very tight, start wrapping the middle with floral tape. You want to make sure you only wrap the middle of your bunch or else you will see the tape when the entire bouquet is done - I made this mistake, but luckily it didn’t look too bad.

Repeat step three until you have all of your smaller bunches complete. If are making a smaller bouquet to begin with, then you can skip step three entirely. I found it easier to wrap smaller sections instead of one big one, but you can do it either way.

Step Four: Assembly Part Two

Take your smaller bunches and arrange them together until it looks good.  Take your floral tape and begin to wrap the entire bouquet together.  It may be helpful to have a second pair of hands for this part. 

Step Five: Even it Out

Cut the wires on bottom of the bouquet so everything is even. I had some help with this part because there was a lot to cut through!  The wires can get sharp so be careful.

Step Six: Fluff it Out

Since you are using wire, it’s easy to fix any mistakes that you see. Start pulling out strands that may have gotten lost or bending some down to make the bouquet look perfect.

Step Seven: Final Touches

Begin to wrap ribbon over the stems of the bouquet. I did not glue the ribbon, but it would probably be a smart idea to do so. For an added touch, I found a pearl bouquet wrap and slipped that over the ribbon. Most wedding aisles in craft stores have things for DIY bouquets, so that’s a good place to look for little add-ons.

That’s all!  Pretty simple, right?  The entire bouquet took me about 10 hours total to complete, which was spread out over a few days. I ordered 95% of the materials I used online and the rest came from craft stores. The thing I really like about button bouquets is how unique you can make them. I didn’t add any beads or glitz to the one I made, but you can get super fancy or go crazy wild with them! Hope this helped any curious minds and happy buttoning!  

Small foot note - a piece of advice if you are going to order materials online, make sure you order well in advance so you don’t freak out at the last minute. I had this experience when ordering materials to make the actual flowers and they did not come in time. Luckily, I found some fantastic flowers on Etsy that saved the day! While it was not my intention to buy pre-made flowers, I must give a giant thank you Kotton Candy Creations!

Special thanks to Cheryl Mulder for her guest post on tobemrscollier! 

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