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Wedding Reception Trend: Popsicles!

02 July 2012

Picture this: you're at a wedding reception in the heat of the summer. You've attended the outdoor ceremony and are four hours into the wedding festivities. The dinner has been served, the cake cut and the dance floor is now open. You throw down to a few popular hits and are sweating profusely. Sure you could enjoy another cold libation but wouldn't a popsicle be 100 times better? 

That's right ladies and gentlemen. Gourmet popsicles are a rising trend in the wedding reception industry. Flavors such as blueberry-lemonade, pomegranate-lime and fruit punch not only are delicious but are low in calories and appeal to wedding guests of all ages. DandySugar, features an entire blog post features awesome recipes so you could even attempt to DIY!

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