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My First Barre Workout

13 July 2012

Before Barre Amped Workout
Groupons always seem like a good idea when they pop up in your inbox. I took a risk and purchased a 5 class groupon set to Barre Amped in Nashville. I got my black yoga capris and sexy workout tank top on and headed to my first class. Let me preface this by saying that I am not a cardio-loving person. I was raised on ballet and jazz dance classes from ages 3-16. Besides getting down in the club and yoga from time to time, I'm pretty sedentary. [I'm getting depressed to admitting that out loud!]

After Barre Amped Workout
It is currently the morning after my first Barre Amped class and all I can say is, "Ouch and uh." Yesterday was by far the hardest workout that I have ever endured! I can't even believe that I made it through! I had no idea how much of a mental and physical workout it would be. But let me tell you something. After I "jello walked" out of the gym I was high as a kite. It was an endorphin overload. I felt elated and drunk all at the same time.  And it is that overload and the dream of skinny jeans that is calling me back again for my class on Monday! If I successfully make it through these five classes that I purchased, I may spring for a package (student rate of $60 per 5 classes) or a $99 unlimited for a month.


  1. Are you still liking these classes? I have a friend who did a few of these and she said it was practically torture. Hehe. She could barely walk the next day. I've been sticking with plain ol' cardio and weight intervals and am noticing a difference when I stick to it. Just like anything else...consistency is key. :)

  2. I really do like them. They are intense and seem to be unmanageable while you are at the studio but afterwords you feel great due to your accomplishment. I am toying with the idea of becoming more of a "regular" as opposed to just a groupon purchaser. Thanks for posting!