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05 July 2012

Look @ little me during my Senior Year!

I was sitting at my desk on at work on Monday and had my Pandora radio playing the "Today's Hits" station. Then the words flashed "Summer Hits of 2000." CLICK! And it brought me back. All these memories that I haven't thought about in years came rushing back for every song.

Why does music do that? Well, I looked into it. One article from redOrbit on this very subject states that  some experts believe that music conjures up mental pictures of our lives because the combination of instruments, words and melody is complex. Another article from Discover Magazine states that because music is interpreted as "procedural" as aforementioned, we experience it differently from fact-based memory. And for that reason we can hear a song and remember all of the words even after many years. How cool is that?

There is no arguing that memory is complicated and how the mind works might never be solved. But let me tell you that I re-experienced all sorts of times in my life through this station. I even came up with a list of 5 memories based upon the songs that I heard. I encourage you to do this same exercise for fun.
  1. "In Da Club" by 50 Cent: Junior year 16th birthday party in my basement. 
  2. "Oops...I did it again" by Britney Spears: 8th grade/freshman year summer dancing in the basement with Lexi. And 2002 when Jen and I saw her in concert. Oh and yes, I still remember all of the choreography.
  3. "Forever" by Chris Brown: 2008 The Office episode when Pam and Jim get married. I tear up every time!
  4. "How to Save A Life" by the Fray. I think of my college friend Evie and I talking about how horrible organic chemistry is in the Residence Hall Council office late one night. I also think about the first time I saw The Fray with Stacey when they opened for Ben Folds at the Chicago Theatre in 2005/2006. 
  5. "Ignition" by R. Kelly. Driving around in Chuck's champagne and/or faded pink Cadillac.
I'm a very musically driven person and I find myself very attached to the memories that are associated with music. Do you? What memories emerge for you?  

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