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… I will celebrate before the LORD.—2 Samuel 6:21

04 July 2012

Yesss! by Scott Ableman "Flickr" cc

Who doesn’t love to celebrate? Whether it is to grab a congratulatory dinner, wedding reception or simple glass of champagne to toast good fortune there are things in life, that I feel, deserve to be celebrated. I’ve been thinking frequently about celebrations. I have been given the honor of being the maid of honor if two of my lifelong friends’ weddings. With the “MOH” status comes responsibilities to plan showers and bachelorette parties, attend bridal fittings and other numerous pre-wedding activities. So in other words, lots of celebrations. But in all that, where do we take the time to celebrate God?
It is scary to think of the expectations that come with bachelorette parties. Thanks, media. On film, women go to Vegas, get wasted and no doubt do things that they will regret or have to explain to their significant other the morning after. But why? Why do these events have to be portrayed that way? Sure, celebrate with girlfriends but don’t sacrifice your dignity because you want to have a good time. In other words, whether God is invited to the celebration or not, He’ll show up anyway.
Consider that. God will show up anyway. Would the same activities occur if God was physically there? Likely not. Sure, this may be a different take on the verse from Samuel but it is, in my opinion, a solid point to consider.

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