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Guilty Pleasure Friday! Pretty Little Liars...

06 July 2012

Warning! My ranting will contain spoilers!!!

I don't know what it is about this show but I'm hooked. I usually don't go for high drama, teenage girly shows but seriously, this show is like crack. Between the suspense and mystery behind a murder of this crazy psychopath of a girl, Allyson (Ali) and the awesome style these ladies have I cannot stop watching. Despite being wrapped up in the plots, I have to vent.

First, who the heck was this Ali person? She was super busy for a 14-16 year old girl. Wrapping up all of these people in high school drama, illegal activity and creating her very own puppet show. Dating older men (in college) and making friends just to stab them in the back. She in essence is evil. Has the world wrapped around her finger. Perhaps it has something to do with living in a small town. But no one keeps secrets in a small town.  

Second, how does this "A" person or people have so much access to these people's lives. Perhaps it is the small town thing again. Everyone keep their doors unlocked and keys under the mats. How is "A" one step ahead of the girls? Who has the time to stalk these four girls every moment of the day? See note 5 below if "A" is in high school. Why is it that every time some event happens in one of the lead character's stories, "A" know? In reality that takes a lot of time coordinating and planning. Do the "A's" have meetings, a Google calendar or a schedule worked out behind the scenes? How in the world does "A" steal things unnoticed or plant things such as in the therapists office? How could "A" be everywhere? And how could "A" not leave a trail?

Third, where the heck are all of these girls' parents? I know they are semi-involved but as for high school girls, shouldn't their parents keep better tabs on them? I would. Stupid girls trying to solve all of their problems on their own. It never does any good. And what sort of relationship do they have that the girls can't go to their parents with their "A" dilemma? 

Fourth, Jenna the blind girl. Does anyone else find it ironic that the blind girl has so much information on everyone? She's in the with the cops, Ali's family and likely "A". How does she have so much power? Why are people afraid of her? Frankly, I think she's faking. 

Fifth, these girls are in high school, a seemingly good high school. Who in their right mind has the time to run around and solve mysteries? Shouldn't they be studying for prep-tests and applying to college? I know that I didn't have time to run around and solve crimes. Let alone make myself a murder suspect! 

Sixth, why in the world is every character shady? I mean take Lucas. He seems harmless for his crush on Hannah in the beginning. Then he starts to get upset because Hannah isn't interested. Then he forgives her and drives to Arizona from New England to pick up Caleb and bring him back so that Caleb and Hannah can be together. What in the world? But why would he do that after she stomped on his heart? I think he may be friends with "A." 

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