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Dates as a married couple.

19 July 2012

Last tango in Paris by zilverbat.
Life is hectic and there is no way around it! Mr. Collier and I find that we move at such high speeds during the week that if we don't take the time to put dates on the calendar, we'd never get that time together. Recently, we came up with a solution for both our time and our budget. We decided out of every meal the one that would be most affordable is breakfast (which also happens to be my favorite). We selected Friday as our date day and for the last three months we pick a restaurant and have a morning date before work. Sure, we have to wake up a little early but it is totally worth it. The hardest part is finding new places that aren't too far off of our radar so that we can still get to work on time. But we get to catch up and have relationship maintenance conversations.

Don't think that special occasions are out the door because of this arrangement! In fact, tonight we are celebrating a milestone in my career at a very lovely restaurant on the "trendy" side of town! I can't wait to write this upcoming yelp review!   


  1. This is such an adorable idea! I love it. Kyle and I might draw our own inspiration from you :)

    Have you been to Athens Family Restaurant or the Elliston Place Soda Shop? Those are two of our favorite breakfast places!

  2. The Elliston Place Soda shop would be great! We try to stick to the West End/21st area due to work. Thanks for commenting!