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Youth Olympics, my key to summer

05 June 2012

Happy Girls Under a Rainbow 2008

I've recently participated in a bible study at our church that discussed the role and development of spiritual leaders. One of the themes that has endured is the idea that a successful leader not only mentors followers but mentors other leaders. To this end, Mr. Collier and I begin tonight as team leaders for summer activities for our youth group at church. In the spirit of the Olympics activities will be planned for the next several weeks. Besides having a role in mentoring these high school and middle school students, Mr. Collier and I get the chance to celebrate the true nature of summer.

What do I mean by the true nature of summer? I am referring to the putt-putt and laser tag nights and running around in a field with friends. The hamburger and hot dog dinners because it tasted great not because it was what we could afford or was on sale. Remember those days? The moments that fulfilled childhood boredom. The classic summer activities that now as adults are slipping away. Well, this opportunity seems like the perfect way to harness and cherish summer. 

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