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The Sky Lantern Send Off

25 June 2012


Whimsical and unique. Releasing sky lanterns as a send off in lieu of the traditional bubbles or bird seed has become increasingly popular. Thanks to movies like Disney's "Tangled" not only are they fun things to light on fire but they also can provide a truly unique photo opportunity. But in my recent experience there are a few facts one should consider if you are entertaining the idea of releasing lanterns.

1. The release happens at the end of the reception. Think about what it means to combine drunk guests with objects on fire.

2. They often take a few minutes to inflate with gas so to achieve beautiful shots of the bride and groom among the paper lanterns, guests will have to hold on to the lit lanterns, follow the photographer's directions and release in synchrony.

3. Consider your location. Are you in a wooded area that could potentially catch on fire? In the middle of a golf course? Also, you have to perform this event at night so do you have the event space for that long if you have a summer event?

4. Always remember, planner or not, to bring the long BIC lighters so that no one gets burned.

5. Wedding insurance is a fantastic investment.

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