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Problems with Wedding Vendors

22 June 2012

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Once the wedding is over, the nightmare of wedding stuff should be over too right? Wrong! Mr. Collier and I had such an easy experience with wedding planning thanks to our awesome vendors, for the most part. We recently hit a snag post-wedding with our videographer and his team. And sometimes it happens to the best of us brides and grooms where we pay our deposits and balance but the product never ends up in our hands in a timely manner. So what are we supposed to do?

Well, for Mr. Collier and I we started with patience. We were promised a teaser video (1.5 min in length), a highlight video (3.5 min in length), the full ceremony and reception highlights. The turn around time for the teaser videos, based upon the track record of posts from other clients of our videographer was ~2 weeks after the wedding. Our popped up just about on time and was what we expected. But then all communications and posting stopped.

After waiting, five months after our wedding we had to initiate communication with our vendor:

May 1st

Hi Videographers,
  I must express my sincere disappointment in our whole exchange. As associates and friends in Christ I find the communication regarding our business transaction to be inexcusable. I realize that we are in a strange situation in that we met each other as friends and then contracted your work through your business but I never anticipated being strung along this far. Not only have we had to contact you regarding the status of our videos on multiple occasions but it has been nearly four months since our wedding and there isn't anything to show for it beyond the preview. To me, that demonstrates a poorly operated business. I realize that your life is turning upside down with the arrival of your son and there can be other life situations that I am not aware of but if you had contracted us fully knowing this was down the road, I wish would you have mentioned something about it. And perhaps this is something that you can work on for future clients. I am not asking for a refund but I am asking for honesty, open communication and sometime in the future the work that was promised to us. 
Mrs. Collier 
After 24 hours we received this response:
Hey Mrs. Collier! 

I completely understand the frustration, and unfortunately this is not just an issue that is affecting you, we actually have 9 different weddings affected right now. We had someone hack into our servers and screw all kinds of stuff up, we have been spending all our time restoring these back to original. We did not lose any footage, we just had to go to our backup sources and replace a bunch of stuff. We have also had the site, e-mail, and phone system go down because of this as well. Please don't take this as a "We are friends so we can get away with it" because that is not it at all. We love you and Mr. Collier, and if anything I want your stuff out the door worse than anyones, it has just been a rough few weeks with this issue we had. We really think we have fixed all the issues (except the website) and that means I can get back into editing. So You will have some videos very soon! I can't say exactly because we do have so much, but our goal as a company to have all 9 weddings out within 2 weeks. (Which obviously includes yours). I do want to apologize for not being in communication during this time, we understand that we have been lacking, and we are very sorry.

Hope you have a great day!!
If you haven't checked the calendar lately, it is now June 22nd. Despite the outward appearance of good communication and timely turn around, not all vendors are what they seem. But I'm in the awkward position. First, I don't want to rush them so they botch the videos of our wedding day. Our present for one another was this video package. Second, I don't want to be rude and ruin any businesses' reputation but, Nashville brides need to know the truth of our experience. 

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