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A Button Shower for Kate R.: Decor

24 June 2012

As I mentioned the previous post, I recently planned a button-themed shower for my dear friend Kate R. and her fiance Ryan. It was set in a school fellowship hall/multipurpose space which gave us on the "planning committee" a lot of freedom when it came to color of the decor. Kate's wedding colors are yellow, red and white and so from that we decided on a palate of yellow, gray and white for their shower. This yellow and grey trend has been occurring quite frequently over the last two years or so probably because it is easily styled. 

After determining the theme and the colors we then set up to design the layout of the shower. I came up with this simple schematic after gaining a better idea of how the space looks. 

Draft Layout
Final Product

With our guest number in mind we set up 6 tables (3 with white table cloths and 3 with yellow). On the white tables we chose centerpieces of gray and yellow tissue paper poms. On the yellow tables, we chose ball jars with buttons in the bottom containing a variety of white flowers. 

One of my favorite additions, especially to keep our cost low, we ended up inviting the friends and family to make desserts to contribute to our dessert bar. I used a sheet that I purchased from Target ($14.99) to cover the 6 foot table and we made several thrift store serving dishes. I'll be sharing the tutorial for that soon.

Dessert Bar

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