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A Coupon Wedding: Favors

07 March 2012

Tea and Spices

The favors of the coupon wedding (which are quickly approaching) are going to be cheater handmade tea bags. Today, Eversave Nashville has an eversave voucher for $12 worth $25 to spend at Tea District, an online tea store. We will be purchasing for the 80 guests enough pre-made teabags (36 per canister) ranging from $8.99-$9.99. We will purchase the deal for $12 and the shipping is a flat rate of $5. That added to the difference in tax and the 1.67 overage that the voucher does not cost leaves us under $20 for favors! Then custom designed tags and a string can be added as a DIY activity like below:


Eversave Nashville Voucher to Tea District: $12
Shipping: $5
Out of pocket difference in cost: $1.07
LivingSocial voucher to Trinidad and Tobago: $1200.00
Expedia flights: $1374.80

Whitt's BBQ: $400.00

Peacock Ballroom: $2050.00 (includes 12 hours of facility manager fees 12 p.m.-12a.m.), the $250 deposit and rental fee)

Manicure and Pedicure for MOB: $37

Manicure and Pedicure: $37

14k White Gold diamond band: $299.99
Tungsten Concave band: $23.99

Photobooth (3 hours): $449.00
Engagement session with living social coupon: $75.00
Wedding Photography with living social coupon + tip: $1100

1st stationary cost: $10.00 
Cost of groupons: $34.00 (unless you have "groupon bucks" or more people buy)
Budget total: 
$5466.13 remaining

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