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A Coupon Wedding: Food

14 February 2012

Since our venue, the Peacock Ballroom has no restrictions on catering we will be ordering good 'ol American BBQ. For full service catering which includes barbecue, buns, two sides (beans, potato salad or slaw) for 3.49 per person. And you can add an extra side for $.50 per person which can include: white beans, macaroni and cheese, green beans, corn on the cob, potato chips or cornbread. Let's assume that we get BBQ for 80 people with two additional sides to feed any vegetarians present. Our total would then be $359.20 plus tax (say round up $400.00). The food would have to be picked up and no servers would be present. But overall not a bad deal! We may have to make our own salad as well.
This means that we need to rent or purchase flatware and plates. Additionally we will be responsible for the cleanup of all the materials from the Peacock Ballroom. Further, we will need to purchase chafers from the Dollar Tree to keep the food warm and potentially ice to keep the cole slaw and such cool.   


Whitt's BBQ: $400.00

Peacock Ballroom: $2050.00 (includes 12 hours of facility manager fees 12 p.m.-12a.m.), the $250 deposit and rental fee)

Manicure and Pedicure for MOB: $37

Manicure and Pedicure: $37

14k White Gold diamond band: $299.99
Tungsten Concave band: $23.99

Photobooth (3 hours): $449.00
Engagement session with living social coupon: $75.00
Wedding Photography with living social coupon + tip: $1100

1st stationary cost: $10.00 
Cost of groupons: $34.00 (unless you have "groupon bucks" or more people buy)
Budget total: 
$5484.20 remaining

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