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Keeping Nails Healthy

02 January 2012

I hate to admit it but I'm one of those people who have cuticle issues. I wear nitrile or latex gloves at work. My hands are in water a lot. But worst of all, I pick and pull at my cuticles resulting in unsightly nails. But that is no longer! A week ago when I went for my maintenance manicure before the wedding, I learned a secret of the trade.

opi skull and glossbones

Vaseline. As it turns out a nightly application of petroleum jelly does the trick! Make sure you don't have any cuts or infections before you use it. For the last week, since I started applying the Vasoline my nails look fantastic. And I feel like I've exhausted every possible treatment like lotion, vitamin E oil, cuticle oil, etc. But I'm very impressed with this beauty secret! 

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