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It's Wedding Week! Day 7

07 January 2012

"Out Numbered"

That's right we are in the last 7 days before the wedding. Each day I'll be posting a little blurb about what we are up to in order to give you a taste of what happens the week before a wedding. And let me tell you, for us, having a planner is key!

Today, we pickup our wine! Over the last week we have been tasting a variety of bottles but now comes the real thing. The purchase. We've budget $1500 for beer and wine and I think that is totally achievable as long as we do our homework. Since the new year holiday we have visited and called local liquor stores to get quotes, price comparisons, per case discount policies, etc. Key to any purchase, becomes friends with the staff. They can often help you out.

As with any wedding purchase, it is often better to not divulge that you are having a wedding as opposed to a large party just in case there is a screwy increase in price for weddings. I realize everyone is trying to survive in the economy but don't screw over brides, they bite. 

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