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It's Wedding Week Day 6!

08 January 2012

"Out Numbered"
Yesterday's run to purchase the wine and beer went quite well. As it turns out, we are going to be coming in -around $400 under our budget! I love those words "under budget"--they are so calming. Today is day 6 in the countdown and our goal today is to get the posse, parents and pastor's gifts together. I've also begun sorting what has to end up at the ceremony or the reception. The gifts themselves will be handed out on Friday at the rehearsal dinner as a way to say, "thanks," for all of their love and support. As much as Mr. Collier and I have planned to keep things inexpensive for our posse and co. doesn't mean they still didn't have to contribute financially to the wedding by getting here, renting tuxes, buying a new black dress, or throwing me a bachelorette party or us a shower.

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