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It's Wedding Week: Day 4

10 January 2012

"Out Numbered"

It is day 4 believe it or not! 

Today has been filled with last minute details regarding our schedule for the rest of the week. To-do lists have been compiled for each day (of course on a google doc) so that Mr. Collier and I can both work on it together. It makes a difference when your partner gets involved. Otherwise there is no way in hades that this mountain is going to move! 

I also "marked up" (for you theater or dance types) our first dance song "Fire and Dynamite" by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. See the Day 5 post for an exclusive sneak peek at the tune. The cues have been set for starting and finishing. We also picked a cake cutting song today by another local artist, Ben Rector. If you don't know him, you should because he is fabulous!

The rest of the focus of today is on wrapping things up at work. That is right. I'm still working. And in a way I think it was the best because it is distracting me enough from all the little things happening at the end of the week! Happy T minus 4 days!

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