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It's Wedding Week: Day 3

11 January 2012

"Out Numbered"

Today is my last official day on the job so interestingly I'm not doing much wedding stuff today. However, the story for Mr. Collier is different. He has informed me that he will be spending the day getting the house prepared for the arrival of our families and friends through the weekend. He also is undertaking the task of preparing a turkey dinner for us all tomorrow night. After getting the number of welcome bags together for our guests, he will also begin to divide those out in preparation for tomorrow's To-Do list. Oh and there is the never ending pile of laundry that needs to be tackled!

"Can I come out now?"
If you haven't considered getting a planner, I would highly recommend it. It is in the end times (ok, that is just funny to me) we have relied so much on our planner for support and assistance. Our planner, Sarah @ Music City Events is stellar. Not only is she passionate about her job but she is efficient, on point and know how to steer this crazy train! Many individuals feel that the investment of a planner isn't in the budget but I'll tell you straight up as a frugal individual, Sarah has without a doubt gotten us back more than half of the cost of hiring her company through exclusive vendor discounts and just being aware of good deals around town. If you can't afford a planner I might suggest just a day-off coordinator and then talk to some recent brides in your area who have likely done some research already.   

Anyway, Happy T-3 days!

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