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A coupon Wedding: The Rings

06 January 2012

The exchange of rings is the climax of the whole wedding ceremony. But why spend a fortune? Today, for our ficticious wedding, I will be purchasing wedding rings from For the women's wedding band I have selected the standard inlay diamond ring below. This ring currently is on sale for $299.99 but jewelry at often is on sale so if you catch it at the right time, it could be cheaper.

14k White Gold 1/6 ct. Wedding Band

For the man, I have selected the ever popular Tungsten ring. I like the look of this ring and it is currently on sale for $23.99. You can't beat that!  

Tungsten Concave Polished Band 7 mm

Don't forget to check sites like for discount codes or With the purchase of these two rings from here is where our budget now stands:


14k White Gold diamond band: $299.99
Tungsten Concave band: $23.99

Engagement session with living social coupon: $75.00
Wedding Photography with living social coupon + tip: $1100

1st stationary cost: $80.00 (including shipping)
1st stationary purchase (after groupon 1): $10 
Cost of groupons: $34.00 (unless you have "groupon bucks" or more people buy)
Budget total: 
$8457.02 remaining

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