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Wedding Invitations...It's All in the Numbers

11 December 2011

What do our guest need to know? How many invitations should we order? What am I supposed to stuff into those envelopes? How much is this going to cost?
One of the most common mistakes in early stages of wedding planning is the number of invitations to order. So you and your hubs-to-be have made a "working guest list" and now you are about to make the invitation purchase but remember, every address not every person invited gets a wedding invitation! Say you are inviting your cousin, spouse and their 3 children. They get one invitation.

The rule of thumb is to order 20-50 extra invitations in case of spelling mishaps or additional invites added on later. Mr. Collier and I ran into errors a lot during wedding invitation addressing. We found that many of our friends had relocated especially if they are in the college to graduate school or first professional job transition. It is annoying but you must stay on top of people about addresses because they certainly won't keep you updated!!

Here is my guest spreadsheet that you are welcome to use (click on "file" and "make a copy" into your own googledocs so that you alone can view and edit) when building your guest list. Please email me if you have any questions! 

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