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Saving Wedding Cards

19 December 2011

Mr. Collier and I have had two showers and received many cards in the mail congratulating us on our upcoming wedding! I'd like to save them but scrapbooking them all will take forever. I recently found an alternative that is a simple and easy craft that is perfect for wedding cards. It is a card book.
Essentially you take your cards and organize them by size or shower or however you want and then you hole punch them either on the top (as shown above) or a two punch in the middle. Then using a ribbon or ring you bind them all together. I decided to do the two-punch ribbon system with our cards using a ribbon that wrapped one of our wedding present from Denmark. Make a cover and a back from a cardboard pasta box (cut out the front panels) with whatever scrapbooking skills you have or avoid the topic all together and voila!

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