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Wedding Countdown: One Month to GO!!!

16 December 2011

Tempus Fugit "Flickr" (cc)

Ladies and gentlemen we are currently one month away from the wedding! Sometimes when I pause and think about it I feel time just slipping away with all the minor details that need to be accomplished! Consider those four weeks, now three, because of Christmas! To assist in the organization of thoughts and tasks, I created a googledoc, which has all of my tasks that pop into my head. The are organized by when they need to be accomplished (December or January) and I cross them off as they are completed.

The bulk of the last minute details pertain to DIY projects, selecting/purchasing our libations for the reception,  signage for our photobooth, picking favors, ordering candles, etc. One major task that I encourage you to do is to rehash your signed vendor contracts now that you have a more complete picture of what your wedding will be like to make sure all the details you thought would be amazing 9-10 months ago still fit your vision and desires. For Mr Collier and myself, we decided that removing a pre-plated option for the dinner salad not only would save on cost but would also fit more nicely with the interactive buffet style of setting. Please be sure you are receiving what you are paying for!!

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