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Invitations: My Secrets to Saving!

15 December 2011

We've spent a long time talking about all facets of invitations! But, now I'm happy to share with you my wedding invitation savings tips. As I'm sure you've picked up on, Mr. Collier and I purchased our wedding invitations and other stationary products from Vistaprint.

We first selected our save the dates. We decided long ago that a postcard would be our best option. Vistaprint offers many products for free, one of which is often postcards. Check back frequently and set up a few accounts (you and your future-hubs etc) for more deals. We selected a random design that we liked which actually did not match the invitations that we were selecting at a quantity of 100 for $6.50 (we paid for shipping).

100 free postcards and we paid for shipping ($6.95)

Next we ordered our wedding invitations. Unfortunately, we had to over purchase which is really the only drawback to Vistaprint is the limited quantities. But, we then became wise to the fact that Vistaprint offers other free products that you can add to your order for minimal fees such as custom pens, 10 invitations with envelopes, stampers (which I highly recommend for your return address on the invitation envelope) and more. For $70.98 we received 250 wedding invitations, 10 free invitations to a separate event, a pen, car magnet, and rubber stamp.

250 Invitations + Envelopes for $70.98

Reception RSVP cards were easy with the 250 free business card offer! We designed two different styles one that we included with a return envelope and another which invited the guests to RSVP on our wedding website. We only paid $5.67 each  for shipping! For the reception RSVP cards that were of the "mailback variety" I went to Michaels craft store and purchased 8 packages of 10 holiday cards with white envelopes for $8.00. We save the holiday cards for re-purposing and used the envelopes in our invitations.

We used the same 100 free postcard offer four more times for 200 direction cards and 200 menus that will be distributed after our wedding ceremony and placed on each guest plate for $7.50 each order.

$15 for 200 menu cards and 200 direction cards

My favorite deal, by far was for our wedding ceremony programs. I got wise at one point to look for Vistaprint groupon or living social coupons across the country. The groupon offer was $15 for $60 worth of merchandise and at first that sounded like a great deal. Then as I purchased the groupon, it turns out that I had $10 in groupon "bucks" making the groupon $5.00 for $60.00 in merchandise. Then the groupon covered the entire cost of the programs and shipping was $7.00 making our total $12 for 100 ceremony programs.

100 Wedding Programs for $12 including shipping!

Save the dates                $  6.50
Wedding Invites             $ 70.98
Menu Cards                   $  7.50
Direction Cards              $  7.50
Ceremony Programs      $ 12.00
Reception RSVP Cards $   5.67
Thank You Cards        $108. 98
RSVP Envelopes              $8.00
Stationary Total:            $227.13

We also purchased cardstock to provide the backing for the RSVP cards as well as stamps (100 postcards, 225 invitations and 60 mailback RSVP cards).  We also purchased white card stock for the hotel accommodation information for our mailback RSVP folks.

With half DIY and half Vistaprint, we easily came in under $350.00 for everything! Which Mr. Collier and myself consider a SUCCESS!!Vistaprint

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