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Gifts for Male Bridal Party or Posse Members

28 December 2011

Saying "thank you" to groomsmen is often challenging because guys are less sentimental. But there are still ways to give them a little gift without breaking the bank and still staying original.

No one shuns away from the traditional gift card! Car washes, Bass Pro and Amazon are solid choices!

Cuff links by PinkFlowerCube

Etsy has revolutionized the way that gifts are purchased! You can find so many awesome gifts for example, the cuff links above which also can be found with original Nintendo controllers or themed ends. Also, ties such as the one below can be found as well which depict the recipe for beer. Or a twist on the personalized classic flask! How cool is that! Totally originally and a conversation starter, I'll have that!

The Hair of the Dog on etsy

Beer Ties on Etsy

Lastly, a blog I often follow for wedding ideas and inspiration, The Broke Ass Bride recently posted a gift list for groomsmen for under $100.

Since these guys are your groom's friends, I'm sure he'll have some sort of an idea for each of the dudes personally. But seriously, the possibilities are endless! 

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