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Spreading the Word...Wedding Invitations

08 December 2011
Most people will say that the wedding invitation is the gateway to your wedding meaning that the themes, colors, and designs will give your guests an idea of what your wedding will be like. I don't know if I'm on board with that. Coming from a thrifty place, I take the position that a 5 component wedding invitation is just a waste of paper and opening time. Why complicate things?? If you are all about traditional wedding invites, I don't mean to offend.

At the beginning stages of planning I was under the notion DIY would be my anthem. See my earlier post DIY vs DYI. What did I decide to do, you might ask? Well, I went to

You know, the site where you can get 250 free business cards? They advertise frequently on pandora. It turns out that they also make wedding invitations. You can request a free, that's right free, wedding pack filled with sample invitations so you can feel the paper quality etc. Sure, your invitation won't exactly be unique, but who cares? You as a couple and your family are the only ones that will hang on to it or scrapbook it anyway!

Today begins a series of invitation information. The main questions of cost, what to include, design etiquette, and more will be addressed so stay tuned for tomorrow!!!

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